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  Washington This Week  CSPAN  April 3, 2016 3:43pm-4:30pm EDT

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announcer: donald trump held a campaign rally in ross child, wisconsin yesterday. accompanying him was former alaska governor sarah palin. this is just over an hour.
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sarah palin: i feel like i am at home. i am in the snow again and you guys even dress like alaskans, you guys are so great. it is so great to be here with you. thank you for being here for the right reason, supporting the next president of the united states. [applause] sarah palin: it really is great to be here, reconnecting with family roots. my grandma was born in wisconsin. [applause] sarah palin: my favorite brother-in-law, he is from a tiny town in wisconsin. another cool connection we have, i just got a text from number 64, jerry kramer. he -- yeah, cheeseheads. we are cheeseheads in alaska, we do not have pro teams, so any connection we have. one of them, my dad played with jerry kramer in his high school days, so we get to claim, ok, we have a connection with the cheeseheads. by the way, we are on a mission to try to get jerry kramer finally inducted into the nfl pro football hall of fame. we have donald trump helping us do that. you'll get a good benefit from trump with one of your favorite
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players. it is great to be here. are you ready to make america great again? [applause] sarah palin: here is the deal, you cannot lose your beautiful state to hillary clinton. [booing] sarah palin: hillary clinton is the continuation of obama, her policies, her people, that will be the continuation of obama and wisconsin cannot afford that. there have not been enough victories and there will be more victories for wisconsin under president donald trump. you have to consider on tuesday when you are voting for who you want to see representing the republican party to go up against hillary, you need to consider who can beat hillary. remember, obama -- the cruz
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people, romney and those guys, they were working together and the representation that is manifest, it is not going to bode well for wisconsin if it is ted cruz on the ticket and not donald trump. donald trump is the only one that can beat hillary clinton. [applause] sarah palin: you know, because of the state of the media as it is, sometimes you do not get accurate information that you need, do you? sometimes, most times, things are twisted and turned and donald trump's policies are not necessarily reported accurately. let's do a little pop quiz for the sake of the media, maybe you guys can yell out the answers and maybe the media will listen to you and will get some respect
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for you and report accurately the answers to these simple questions. wisconsin, who is the only candidate that has created middle-class jobs and help americans realize the american dream? audience: trump. sarah palin: who promotes women in his own country and shatter the glass ceiling? audience: trump. sarah palin: who relies on consultants, those guys who keeps -- you keep losing elections, who is the one that ignores all of that political hacking and relies on good advice from strong women around, people like his strong, confident daughter? audience: trump. sarah palin: who does not support the job killing plan from obama? audience: trump. sarah palin: ted cruz supports
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it. you need to start calling him out on that. thank you for having the right answers for the media. [applause] sarah palin: it is the candidate that has spent decades fighting washington, d.c. as they have shipped out manufacturing jobs overseas? audience: trump. sarah palin: who is not owned by those crony capitalists? audience: trump. sarah palin: it is not receiving a government paycheck? audience: trump. sarah palin: who has inspired a movement, which republicans always claim they want to do them for bringing in independents and others who are saying, enough is enough of what is going wrong in the world.
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we can finally do things right by electing donald trump, who is the only candidate who knows how to win? he knows the art of the deal and in it for the right reasons, never having to be bought and sold by corporate donors that are so involved in everybody else's campaigns? who is in it for the right reasons, for you? audience: trump. sarah palin: amen. the only thing standing between you and hearing from the next president of the united states, is me, so i will get out of the way. it is an honor to introduce to you, the next president of the united states of america, donald trump. [applause]
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♪ [whistling] [applause] [applause] ♪ mr. trump hello, everybody. mr. trump: thank you so much, isn't she great? how good is she? there are a lot of people here. thank you so much, sarah. we landed and the snow was pouring in, it was so beautiful. i have that we were landing in alaska. it is beautiful.
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it is such an a couple turnout -- incredible turnout. we are doing so well and we are so proud. we love wisconsin, it is a special place. i think that we will do really well. [applause] mr. trump: really well. look at these young people. you know, something i said on the way up and i was saying it before, i am self funding my campaign. i do not know if it is worth it, i will let you know in about a year or less. but i think it means a lot. the reason is, all of these people i am running against, the republicans and the democrats, they are not doing it the way that i am. when hillary clinton gets money from the oil industry and all the other industries, when john kasich gets money from the people he is getting money from, they totally control him. believe me. when ted cruz, lying ted --
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believe me, lying said -- ted. i have met a lot tougher than him, by have never seen anybody lie like lying ted. when he gets money from the banks, oil, gas, from everything, believe me, they have him. i get money from me. i really am here for one reason, to represent you. to represent you. believe me. [applause] mr. trump: and, it is so great. when i come to places. i told my people, let's keep them smaller, because we had protesters. they said, let's keep them smaller, so we can check everybody who comes in. i said, yeah, but i like the big. we have 5000 -- where is the long? -- mall?
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we have 5000 people in the mall, i said enough, let them have protesters. who cares? we have 5000 people on the other side and i feel so guilty, let's all say, we love you. audience: we love you. mr. trump: but you would not swap seats. i guarantee you that. i hope you can hear well. can you hear well? and can the mall here well? -- hear well? i hope they can. this is amazing. look, i am doing this to make america great again. look at all of these hats. we are doing this -- [applause] mr. trump: we are doing this to make, look at that guy. stand up.
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do i look like that? can you believe it? look at that. alright, it looks great. good job. it is a simple, beautiful theme, "make america great again." we have so many problems, so far worse then you understand. i know the numbers. the governor gave a plaque a year ago when he thought that i liked him. i do, he came to my office, he gave me a plaque. i bet that he wishes he could do that over again. i need to show that plaque. i keep saying, no, i should not have brought it. i want to showt. we will be here. i think that it will be an amazing couple of days. i think that we are going to win. i really do. [applause]
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mr. trump: i think, i think that people are going to be surprised. i saw the outpouring that we had. somebody else was here and they had 300 people, and we have thousands in here, 5000 out there. i think we have more than 2000 in here. i think that we are going to win. let's just see what happens. i know one thing, we are going do well. well does not win -- mean anything. have you ever heard of a man named vince lombardi? in this neck of the woods? what did he say about winning? right. [indiscernible] mr. trump: he knows. i met him once and he was with three of his players, in a restaurant. these three players were tough cookies.
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two of them are friends of mine and they played for your team. they were great players. vince lombardi was not a big guy. he walked in and he was angry, you could see, and he came over to the table. he saw these three guys, twice his size, they could have swatted him. i will not tell you what he did, he actually grabbed one of them by the shirt. today, you cannot do that. then he left. he gave him an earful. i want to tell you, this big strong guy, he weighed about 250 then. that is like 310 now. and he left him a stormed out -- left, stormed out. and this guy was shaken. i said to myself, the reason that vince, i have great respect for him as a coach, and i love bill belichick, certain people you need to respect.
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and i said at one of my other meetings, tom brady is a friend of mine. he is great. nice, right? you think your quarterback is great. tom told me that. vince lombardi, the reason he got away, his winning. if he did not win, he cannot get away with that. he would not be a look and get that kind of fear, respect, but fear from a big, strong player. but he won. he had one many times -- won many times. and the respect they had for him was incredible. we do not win. we cannot beat isis. we cannot beat trade, china,
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mexico, they think we are stupid. mexico, japan, vietnam, india, any nation, name a nation -- they do well. it does not make a difference. they do well, and the more i think about it, the more i realize, they do well for a very specific reason. not that the politicians are so stupid, many of them are, many of them are not, but because politicians take contributions from people representing certain other parts of the world, or companies involved in other parts of the world, and they do things not in your best interest. when i say i am self funding, i have turned down more money, i bet that any human being has turned down for political run. frankly, everybody takes money. [applause]
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mr. trump: and when you think of it, not a big difference. for years, probably, i may be wrong, but the only one would be ross perot many years ago. but, he did not take money. i have turned down so much. people coming up, $10 million, donald we want to give you $10 million for your campaign. $5 million, $2 million, $1 million, jeb bush had $100,000 or so. i do know -- i do not know if i get credit for it. many people say, i like donald trump, i like ted cruz, that is not a very comparison. i am so much better. [laughter] mr. trump: i would do a summit better job.
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i will do so much better. not even close, but i will do so much better. you know why, because i am working for you. they talk about working for you, but they are not. they are working for the next election, campaign contributions, what else? who knows what else they take? who knows what else they work for? they are working at a minimum campaign conservation. people come up to me -- our politicians are so stupid, why would they make deals like that? there was a deal recently, a committee made an incredible deal and politicians approved it.
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and people say, politicians are so stupid. no, they are represent by the smartest people they have ever seen, special interest groups, lobbyists. some of these guys, it says ted cruz, the lobbyist, tattooed on their forehead. i can deal with ted cruz. they raise a lot of money for him. and when they need a vote, i am not going to vote for that. you have to, we gave you $2 million for your campaign when nobody else would put up the money. do i know this is the better than anybody? on june 16, i only started this political stuff on june 16, i was before that, a big contributor. it is a system, it is not good. it is a system and it is what we have. you have guys -- it says hillary on this guy's forehead. you go to him, you want hillary. you go to another guy if you want john kasich. another guy if you want ted cruz. 100%, 100%, by the way, they will not always get what they
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want. maybe 90%. there are some things you cannot do. but they get what they want a lot, they are professionals. they are very good at it. so, when i am self funding, i hope people appreciate it. it means a lot, i do not go anybody, anything. i do not owe them. [applause] mr. trump: and i said on the way up, so far i have invested $35 million, something like that. my money. and you know what, it has no impact on me. look, i built a great company, and amazing company with cash
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flow and some of the greatest assets in the world, worth over $10 billion. i started with a very small loan and created a great company, some of the great assets and tremendously low debt. the reason i tell you that, that is the kind of thinking we need in the country to solve many of our problems. [applause] mr. trump: many. because folks, they have all of those cameras, we are right now sitting on something that will explode and it will be a bad situation. we better get rid of debt and we better straighten ourselves out. we have debt on debt, on debt. [applause] mr. trump: and one of the things we will talk about, we will talk about a couple of these things, it affects you very much and we probably have business owners here. we need to get rid of that. we will start with obamacare, that is a killer for you and to the country.
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it is a killer. obamacare is too expensive for the country to afford and it does not work. for anybody, it does not work. you go 65% increases this year and people telling me that they have never seen anything like it. it folds, it closes up, obamacare will close up. when you have it, it is no good anyways. we will terminate at and we will end up with a great health care plan that will cost you less money and be much better. [applause] mr. trump: i love these young kids, look at these beautiful kids. they are going crazy. they are talking about obamacare, they do not know what it is, but hopefully they will not need health care for 40 years. but they are still enthusiastic. they do not like obamacare and hopefully they will not need to worry about it. ultimately, they need to worry about the cost, because it is unbearable.
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the kind of money we are talking about is unbearable. we are going to end, gore, we are going to bring education -- we will protect our second amendment, we are going to do all of the things you heard me saying. all of it. [applause] mr. trump: here is what i want to talk about, because we are talking about big numbers. $19 trillion, we cannot talk the little stuff. there is going to be cuts of things you will not believe. we will save social security, caught -- cut all of the fraud. you do not mind cutting the fraud out? we are good to take care of the vets and build the military, bigger, stronger than ever before. [applause] mr. trump: -- [chanting u.s.a.]
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mr. trump: beautiful, great. isn't that great, when you see young people like that? they are going to be very successful. do not forget, they are after our jobs. they have no choice, they need to take it away from us. you will treat us nicely. that is the next donald trump, bigger and better. not even a contest. good luck, kids. what about the one in the middle, are you going to be the most successful? great. great job. that is what we love to see. my daughter just had a beautiful, beautiful son. [applause] mr. trump: and, ultimately that
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is what we fight for. that and the grandchildren, we are going to turn this thing around fast. let's talk about a couple of things. we are the police department for the world and the entire world, many of these places that we are taking care of our very rich. we take care of saudi arabia, they made a billion dollars a day when oil prices were up, now they make a little less. big deal. what? imports -- he is right. you never know, is he on our side? but we take care of saudi arabia. now, nobody is going to mess with saudi arabia because we are watching them. they have a fund so big, nobody has ever seen a fund like that. oil pouring out of the ground, very high quality oil. so they make nothing but money. if it was not for us, they would not be there very long. they are good people, everything is fine.
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but we are losing a fortune. if we had a person like me, like other people in this room, maybe some. you have some people in the room that would do a good job. and other people who would not do good, like people we have right now. nobody could do worse. so, we're protecting saudi arabia. and they are paying -- and they are not paying us a fair price. why are we paying rent for our military bases? why do we have any rent? i am not even talking about right, i am talking about really big numbers. japan, great country. they may cars, sell them.
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we have billions of dollars with japan, they sell us cars and we sell practically nothing, that is a trade imbalance. one of the great imbalances of all time. los angeles, i see these massive ships come in. this is like nascar. by the way, many drivers of nascar endorse trump, you know that right? the great brian france. they do a great job. thank you. but, they endorse -- brian said, i want to endorse you. he did it in north carolina. good place to endorse. it would not be bad up here, either. but we have it. not only sarah palin, we have rry falwell junior, joe from
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arizona, sheriff joe. how about sheriff joe? ok? [applause] mr. trump: chris christie has been fantastic. dr. ben carson who has been amazing. amazing. what a great guy. and we have so many others, congressman now, senator sessions, one of the most respected people in the senate, who ted cruz thought that he had. he kept talking about sessions and we would say, senator sessions, then he announced that he was endorsing donald trump. all of a sudden, ted cruz did not talk about him. a lot of things will happen. one thing we will do is the
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military bid we are the policeman of the world -- military. we are the policeman of the world. but these are really wealthy countries. not necessarily powerful, because we protect them. and it is ok. and you know what, when they start paying us and we do trade deals, this country is already turned around. [applause] mr. trump: because we are talking about big dollars. and lying ted cannot do it. in all fairness, number one, they will find out that he is a liar. you know, the evangelicals, they are with me. [applause] mr. trump: the evangelicals -- remember south carolina? that was going to be ted, lying ted was going to win that one easily, because evangelicals -- right? let's get going.
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i think that you guys are only 28%. go to church. those are the ones. do you go to church on sunday? anytime you can go. do you go? so 68% evangelicals, and we won everything. we won so much. to show you, ted, did you see it? i am the only one who can beat donald trump. i have beaten him five times. and he is screaming, he wishes that he had the bible in his hands, but he picks up the bible and put it down and he lies. and it says, ibm -- i beat him six times. and i said, yeah, but i have beaten you 22 times. remember the face? [applause] mr. trump: i think we have like 21 or 22 states already, but this is an important one. you need to do me a favor, vote. i will do such a good job for you. do yourselves a favor. [applause]
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mr. trump: you are probably doing me a favor if you do not vote for me, i will go home and relax. so many people ask the question. this morning, i was interviewed by a very good radio guy. but some are bad, you know this guy named sykes? listen to the whole interview, everybody who listened to that show would vote for me. do not hang up, take on the enemy. you absolutely take them on. [applause] mr. trump: but, he is not a very talented guy or smart guy. but the guy that interviewed me today, he was a smart guy. and it was national.
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he interviews me and says, we are on the phone, it is early saturday morning and i said, thank you very much. he said, mr. trump, one final question. what? you are worth a fortune, you have a beautiful family, you can do anything you want, why are you doing this? and, that question has been asked of me more than any other question, other than student debt. when i am around students, they graduate, they cannot get a job and it is a serious problem. but that question is asked so much, and i said, i have been so lucky in this country and i have done so well and made so much money, and i have enjoyed my life and i have hopefully some really good years left and i want to give back. i just want to give something back. [applause] mr. trump: that is all it is. that is all it is. [applause]
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mr. trump: -- [chanting trump] mr. trump: thank you. you know, our theme, make america great again -- we are going to make it so great. we always have a problem, the problem with translation because the press is so dishonest. you have no idea. it is amazing how smart the people are. look, the people get it. they are really dishonest. they will put 1/10 of a sentence in. and worse, the cameras. i love doing television, but then they show a tiny piece of the clip. it is worse than the way that they write. let me tell you what happens.
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you know, i used to say, "i love television." but the press is very dishonest. now we have a new trade deal called the ttp, trans pacific -- trade transpacific partnership. it is terrible. it is worse than nafta. i guarantee that most people have never read it. all of these countries think it is stunning and they analyze it and we designed it. first of all, we shouldn't have signed. we should sign with one, two, three, four, not 12, but we should have not done it. it is too complicated, it is a dad deal, ted cruz is totally in favor for it. john kasich, who voted for nafta, is in favor for it. people who said, "you are going to vote for that deal, see you are going to vote for this" tell him he has no choice, so he is going to vote for it. there are people in congress who don't want it. those are people who are being
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honest. the biggest point of the deal is devaluing monetary policy. china takes the most advantage of the devaluing of currency. they kill us. this year, we are going to have a $500 billion trade deficit with china. many people say that you're going to be so rich, so fast, but i'm a businessman, i know business, and under me, you are going to be so rich, so fast. [applause] mr. trump: you just don't know how rich you are going to be. we are going from a debtor nation. you have ted cruz who refused to approve any language on
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devaluation. any language on monetary manipulation. that is where they beat us, folks. they devalued their currency so much, and that we see our dollar holding and going up. they want our dollar to go up. it sounds good. in the meantime, komatsu is killing caterpillar. look at what is going on with mexico. mexico is taking our businesses, not only for to valuation, but for other problems. politicians don't know what the hell they are doing. so look. we are going to change things, and that is big money, those begins. i have carl icahn and other big businessman. we used political hacks, third-rate political slobs, to negotiate with the smartest people in china, the smartest people in japan, and we have all
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the cards. people don't realize it. without this big pot of money that is being drained out of your pocket -- and by the way, i have to do this, because i just thought i would have to, but i want to redo some statistics. so where am i talking about? 20% of the manufacturing jobs have left since 2000. you know or that is? wisconsin -- know where that is? wisconsin. wisconsin chronically legs the rest of the united states in job creation. here's what happened with scott walker, and i could only say this because i couldn't ask for his endorsement. what i did to that poor guy, man. [laughter] [applause] mr. trump: and he is a nice
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person, but who cares? i don't care if he is nice, i want to make this country rich in good again. ok, so it chronically lags the rest of the country. i am running for president and it is like i'm standing on a motorcycle or something. i've got to tell you, every time i go someplace, bikers everywhere, any bikers and here? -- bikers in here? the bikers love me. and i have always loved the limousine, but you are great people. we had hundreds close to 1000 bikes, and i wondered what was going on. they are out there waiting for me to give a speech, it was a big group, it was incredible, but there had to be 1000 bikes, mostly harleys, in all fairness,
4:21 pm
i love harleys. and i by warsaw windows. -- i buy warsaw windows. does anybody know about warsaw windows? i build on pennsylvania avenue and there are great windows in there and i am building another hotel and it is way ahead of schedule and under budget. there is over 3000% of cost overrun. 3000%. but warsaw windows, i built a building on wall street with warsaw windows. say hello to warsaw windows for me, would you? say hello. honestly, it is one of the best windows made in the world. i said, warsaw, that must be where they make the windows, but we did a full building, on wall street, using 3500 warsaw windows. that is a lot of windows, right? and there are no leaks.
4:22 pm
we have no leaks. i should say they leaks like hell and get a refund, right? i do that, too, sometimes. anyway, so we have to make our country so strong and what we do it is with the big stuff and when you look at your area, wisconsin has to keep wages depressed in order to hold onto jobs. that is because of foreign competition. that is good, that is fine for foreign competition, but not for you. people haven't had an effective wage increase in 20 years.
4:23 pm
you have another candidate that had, like, 300 people, but we have thousands of people outside listening to a speaker. because people are angry and they are disgusted at what is going on. so we have thousands right now, we have people all over this country that are working hard, and a lot of people are getting part-time jobs. they never had a part-time job in their life, what because of obamacare, it makes sense for the company to make everything part-time. for reporting requirements. so it's terrible. so the new jobs is coming largely from health care, which are very well-paying jobs, it claims, which is about $125 per week. that is not good. wages in manufacturing make it like a low-wage nation in wisconsin, ok? and i've heard this, household income has had a major decline. this is wisconsin. by the way, this is largely country, just a you understand.
4:24 pm
large, large decline in household income, and that has taken place since the year 2000. so since the year 2000, you have had a decline. wisconsin is just in the middle of the pack. so you have a governor who endorsed him, ted cruz, and people of the governor, so do i, so he is fighting and fighting and fighting. somebody said if he gives you a call up, i would say, what the hell difference does it make? now let's say i didn't run again, ok? and let's say i wanted something in wisconsin and i call him up, "governor, how are you doing, governor? listen, just out of curiosity, i want to build something in wisconsin." do you think he would be happy about it? i think so, right? i don't know if it's good, i don't know if it's bad, but believe me, it's wrong because it is wrong for the people. people haven't had an increase in wages countrywide, nationwide, the blue collars. the wall street guys, i know the
4:25 pm
wall street guys so well. they have carried interest provisions, the have provisions that nobody in this room even understands, except one person, i understand it. i understand it and we're going to end it folks, we are going to end it. i am doing well. i don't want to do that well. i really don't want to do that well. it doesn't matter. some but he said, "how would you do if you didn't run your business?" are you kidding me? this is an opportunity that is so on inspiring to be president of the united states, to make our country so strong again. because we have to make it strong. we have to make it rich. a woman said, "mr. trump, i love you, i am going to vote for you, but please don't say, we are going to make this country rich again, it doesn't sound good." and i said, "you are right, because if we are going to make this country rich again, you're going to have social security cuts under john kasich or ted cruz, but i'm going to give a huge tax increase -- tax cut increase." i spent $35 million or $45 million and the other guys have spent $150 million.
4:26 pm
i mean, jeb bush spent 145 ilion doll -- 140 $5 million. will anybody ever forgive me for that term? that term is a killer. i am down to the two leftovers. i had 17 people and now we are down to two. isn't it nice when you think of it? isn't it nice? [applause] mr. trump: and, and, we are leading big against the two. wisconsin is very important because if i can win wisconsin, you people are going to have low taxes, you're going to have jobs, we are going to bring jobs will anybody ever forgive me for that term? that term is a killer. i am down to the two leftovers. i had 17 people and now we are down to two. isn't it nice when you think of
4:27 pm
it? isn't it nice? [applause] mr. trump: and, and, we are leading big against the two. wisconsin is very important because if i can win wisconsin, you people are going to have low taxes, you're going to have jobs, we are going to bring jobs that, you're going to have your pick of jobs, you are not just going to pick a job because you have no choice, we are going to bring jobs back into this country. we are going to move forward. you saw carrier air conditioners just a few months ago move into mexico. that's not good to happen.
4:28 pm
you are having pfizer move to ireland. i am telling you, these companies are high and regulations are too tight. who is troubled by regulations in this country? right? it is terrible. i have friends who are farmers that can't even form their lands because there are too many regulations. if i say had to shovel it out of the ground. we are going to end all that. we are going to end all that. it is so important. here's the thing. we have got to go out and we have got to vote. let me give you one other item because it is so important. i heard ted cruz today say -- now, i have been a businessman and i made a lot of money, made a lot of money against china, made tremendous deals against china. they can be beaten folks. they can be beaten. in trade. you know, the richest people in china, friends of mine, they say, "donald, we can't believe a
4:29 pm
we get away with." this is before i was running for president. now they say, "i didn't say that." but they said it. watching television, i say, wow, that is terrible. we were talking about nuclear, and i said, japan should have nuclear. that is what i said, supposedly. the question that was asked to be recently on television by a very good announcer, a very good guy, he said, "what about nato?" right? in all fairness, i have been entre nous are -- entrepreneur, a very good one, but i know something about nato. here is the problem with nato. it is obsolete. i learned quickly. i knew it was true. it is 68 years old. it was formed to look over the soviet union which doesn't even exist anymore. and i said it is obsolete and we pay too much money. now when i made this statement, thought i read it somewhere, but when i made the statement, it
4:30 pm
was really the statement that a lot of people said, how would you know a thing like that? so it turns out that things are worse than everybody thought. we're playing -- we are paying